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Bespoke Tartan Baker Boy, Newsboy Cap, Mackay (Ancient) Other Tartans Available.


Bespoke made to order eight panel tartan bakerboy cap. This listing is for a cap made in Ancient Mackay 13oz virgin wool Tartan (if you would like a cap made in an alternative tartan, or just have some questions regarding clans and tartans please do get in touch.)

The two tone wool and waxed cotton peak is built around our hand cut and pad stitched leather inserts. It is these unique bills hand made for each cap and customer that gives our caps they're wonderful shape and longevity. (The leather gives a much higher quality feel than the standard plastic inserts.)

The peak is secured with a single wooden button with the button hole hidden in the centre seam and on top there is the traditional self covered button. At the back the caps hem is slightly elasticated to keep it snug, or if you prefer you can have your cap finished with a full leather sweatband (just email your ideas and design details.)


The stock lining is plush black satin which is lightly quilted and has all the relevant labels.

The following surnames are historically related and may also wear this tartan,
Allan, Allanson, Aue, Ave, Ay, Aye, Bain, Baine, Baines, Bane, Bayin, Bayn, Bayne, Baynes, Baynne, Bean, Beanes, Beine, Bene, Bhaine, Caw, Coid, Fail, Fall, Heth, Kay, Key, Macallan, Macallane, Macaoidh, Macath, Macaw, Macay, Macbain, Macca, Maccaa, Maccaidh, Maccaoidh, Maccaw, Maccawe, Maccay, Maccey, Maccoid, Maccoy, Maccrie, Maccue, Maceda, Maceth, Macethe, Macfaell, Macfail, Macfal, Macfale, Macfall, Macfaul, Macfauld, Macfaull, Macfayle, Macfoill, Macfyall, Macgaa, Macgaw, Macgee, Macghee, Macghie, Macheth, Machie, Maciye, Macka, Mackaa, Mackaay, Mackai, Mackau, Mackaw, Mackawe, Mackay, Macke, Mackeay, Mackee, Mackeiy, Mackew, Mackey, Mackie, Mackphaill, Macky, Mackye, Macpaill, Macpaul, Macphael, Macphaell, Macphail, Macphaile, Macphaill, Macphale, Macphaul, Macphaull, Macphayll, Macphell, Macphial, Macphiel, Macqha, Macqua, Macquade, Macquaid, Macque, Macquery, Macquey, Macquhae, Macquid, Macquiod, Macquoid, Macvail, Macvain, Macvale, Macvane, Macwhaugh, Macwhaw, Macwhey, Macwhy, Macye, Makaw, Makay, Makca, Makcaw, Makcawe, Makcoe, Makfaill, Makfale, Makfele, Makie, Makkaw, Makkcae, Makke, Makkee, Makkey, Makkie, Makphaile, Maky, Morgan, Morgund, Murgan, Neelson, Neillsone, Neilson, Neilsone, Neilsoun, Neilsoune, Neleson, Nelesoun, Nelson, Nelsone, Nelsonne, Nelsoun, Neylsone, Nickphaile, Nielson, Nilson, Nilsone, Nilsoune, Nylson, Pal, Paul, Paule, Paull, Paulson, Paulsoun, Poilson, Poilsone, Poilsoun, Pol, Pole, Poleson, Pollard, Pollsoun, Polson, Polsone, Polsoun, Polsun, Polyson, Polysoun, Poulson, Quaid, Quay, Quoid, Reay, Scobie, Strathnaver, Vail, Williamson.

*Just let me know the size you would like when ordering, and if you would like any help or information on selecting the right size please do get in touch.*

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